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Wholesale for Cafes and Restaurants

Selecting the best coffee for your business.               

We understand how hard it can be to get your business off the ground while search for sustainable ways to grow. Drawing from our extensive industry experience, we can help you to sidestep many of the pitfalls that some cafes encounter.

We understand that choosing the best coffee for your café, coffee shop or workplace can be difficult. Nelson Coffee Roasters sustainably source all coffee beans, roasting them in our East Sussex Roastery.

We offer a diverse selection of ethically sourced, high-grade, and seasonal coffee beans. Our wholesale collection includes beans from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Honduras, Kenya, Nicaragua, and Rwanda, each with their own unique flavour profiles. Tailor-roasted at our East Sussex roastery to highlight the flavours of each individual bean. We supply whole coffee beans and can also grind for espresso or filter use if needed.


More than just a coffee supplier..

– Selecting the right espresso machines and grinders for you and your business

– Assisting with the sourcing and set-up of your cafe equipment

– Training on coffee machines, maintenance of your equipment and a variety of options for tailored barista skill training 

– Marketing schemes will feature your business. Our website, social medias and newsletter has 2,500 current subscribers and is growing fast.

– Support and guidance of the set up and/or general running of your business. Drawing from our extensive industry experience we will help you to sidestep many of the pitfalls that some cafes and coffee shops encounter.

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Looking for your next guest coffee?

Our beans are typically light to medium roast to highlight the inherent delicious flavour notes of the coffee.